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I learn fast and I am open for every new challenge. I believe, I have very strong problem solving skills. I am a friendly, open-minded and cooperative person.

Professional experience
March 2022 -
Disney+ Hotstar
Senior Software Development Engineer

At Disney+ Hotstar, my first task was to make our application as fast as possible on each livingroom platforms (Tizen, webOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox and other set-top boxes). It was very challenging as we had to support even the cheapest/weakest set-top boxes in India. This required us to continuously improve our React application and optimize its rendering performance. I also did a broader research on using WebGL at some parts of our application to delegate work to the GPU. Our POCs mostly used Pixi.js as the rendering engine.

My second major task was to create a standard for adding accessibility support to our components.

Beside these bigger objectives, since there were on-call tasks as well, we had to keep an eye on the metrics of our application. We used Grafana, Last9, Sentry, Amplitude, Coralogix to monitor our systems.

December 2020 - March 2022
EPAM Systems Inc.
Senior Software Engineer

At EPAM Systems Inc. I was responsible for maintaining and improving a complex web application. The application was based on Web Components. We used Stencil JS to create the components. As it was a financial project, we needed to display a lot of tables and charts. To visualize the data, we used AG Grid and Highcharts.

February 2019 - December 2020
redhotmagma GmbH. - Client of Modolit

At redhotmagma GmbH. my job was to improve and maintain their configurator application. On the Frontend side we were using React and Material-UI. By the visualization parts we used three.js and Fabric.js to display the customizable product in 3D. The Backend side was written in the Symfony 4 PHP Framework.

November 2018 - December 2020
Modolit Kft.

At Modolit Kft. my first task was to create an Intranet website, so we can manage our working sessions. I created a Node.js GraphQL API with Apollo Server. The database was MySQL. On the Frontend side I used React Admin to create the user interface.

January 2018 - October 2018
Photon Technologies Kft.

At Photon Technologies Kft. my task was to create a website for an existing API. I chose React and Next.js for building the application, because we needed Server Side Rendering.

Later I also maintained the API, which was a Node.js application with MongoDB.

August 2017 - November 2018
The Mealplanner Europe Oy
Senior Fullstack Developer

At The Mealplanner Europe Oy, my job was to create a webapplication with Angular. I also implemented a Node.js webserver, because the application needed Server Side Rendering. The project was fully covered with Unit Tests. There were common javascript logics between multiple projects, so we needed to create common packages in our Gitlab repository and maintain the application dependencies with NPM.

My other responsibility was to build a Native Mobile Application for Android and iOS. We chose NativeScript as cross platform solution, because it supports Angular.

January 2015 - August 2017
APEX IT Services Kft.
Senior Developer

At APEX IT Services Kft., our goal was to build a new mobile site, a Single Page Application to have a much better user experience. I was the one, who needed to make the investigation about the SPA Javascript Frameworks. Our final decision was Backbone with Marionette and we used RequireJS as a dependency manager. On the server side we used the Symfony2 PHP Framework.

April 2014 - January 2015
Docler Services Kft. - Docler Holding
Senior PHP Developer

At Docler Services Kft., our main project was DoclerMusic, a live streaming website for musicians. My job was to design and implement new features. Sometimes I also had to modify our deployment processes as well, but mainly focusing on backend parts of the core system. For example, after 5 month, we decided to use SASS as a CSS Precompiler, so I needed to set Compass in our development environments and in the deployment processes too. Used technologies at DoclerMusic: Redis, Repcached, Apache, MySQL, MSSQL. After DoclerMusic, I also had work on I had been introduced to UML diagrams, TDD, Crucible. I was chosen to be code reviewer for other backend developers to maintain the high coding standards.

August 2012 -
March 2014   
Brozie Kft. - Docler Holding
Lead Developer - PHP Developer

Brozie was a startup project (building a new chat communication platform based in web browser) supported by one of Hungary's biggest IT company (Docler Holding).

As the Lead Developer, my job was to organize and help the work of the developers. It was my responsibility to design our developing environments. Besides, I was a Backend PHP Developer too.

Brozie was a website written in PHP, served with Apache2 webserver, using MySQL and MongoDB database and Redis memory server. We used HaProxy as a Load Balancer and a Chat server written in Node.js based on Engine.IO. We also had a delayed task runner application (JobQueue) written in Node.js using RabbitMQ as a persistent job store. We used a Jenkins based deployment system with Grunt as a task runner. Our static files were uploaded to Amazon S3 by our deployment system.

January 2011 -
October 2011   
DuoDecad Kft. - Docler Holding
Flash Developer

DuoDecad Kft. is a company delivering live streaming services for other companys. My first task was to modify a streaming client application. Later, I had to rewrite it from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0. The application used RTMP to communicate with the Stream server (Flash Media Server). In the last 3 month, one of the partner companys asked new features, so I had to implement new services on the FMS-side too.

February 2010 -
December 2010   
Self Employed
Flash Developer

As a freelancer flash developer, I worked on a lof of projects. Usually, I had to do some fancy animation in Flash, but there were complex applications too. For example, I made an Aparment Reservation System in Flex and a Video Player with server-side Streaming technologies.

October 2009 -
January 2010   
Cam-el-com Kft.
Perl Developer

I learned the basics of web developing by the company named Cam-el-com Kft. I worked on more projects. We used Perl on server-side and Javascript on the client-side. That was the first time for me using frameworks. We chose Catalyst MVC Framework for the server-side and jQuery for the client-side.

Professional knowledge
Docker, Gitlab, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Webistrano, Ansible, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp
Laravel, Symfony, Lumen, Kohana, Composer, PHPUnit
Node.js, React, Angular, Stencil, Backbone, Marionette,
General Web Development
HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Template Engines (Twig, Jade), Css Preprocessor (Less, Sass)
Fundamental Development Knowledge
SOLID, OOP, MVC, TDD, SQL, IT Security, Design Patterns
MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
ActionScript 2.0, 3.0
Flex, PureMVC
Catalyst Framework
Educational background
2011 -
Business Information Systems MSc
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
  • Degree work: Heterogeneous database systems behind Social networking websites
2007 -
Business Information Systems BSc
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
  • Specialization: E-Business
  • Degree work: Supporting business processes in the .NET 4.0 Framework